See, touch, hear, taste!

Located at the heart of the historic town of Cognac, The Espace Découverte appeals to your senses and emotions to understand the history of the cognac region. Find out about the different experiences available.

Along the river

An evocative 10-minute multi-sensory scenographic show in a purpose-built theatre reveals, through lights and shadows, the history of the river Charente, the life and work of the rivermen and the rapid commercial development of the area begun centuries ago by Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Magical Books

6 books, 6 stories! These audio-visual animated books each reveal a different secret about the area: Romanesque art, architecture, distillation, rivermen… Children and adults will all enjoy a 3-D experience through a colourful and poetic world.

Model of the Castle

Francis I’s castle uncovered! This model is a reproduction of the king’s home as it stood in the mid-16th century. Enjoy a birds-eye visit of the gardens, main building and estate of King Francis at the height of his reign.

Information Area

Located on the first floor, an information area allows you to browse leisurely through a display of books and brochures to find out more about the region, its food, its history… Take a minute to sit and leaf through the library’s many reference books to help you prepare and organise your visit of the region.


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